2019 Student-Athlete Orientation

2019 Student-Athlete Orientation

Wake Tech student-athletes gathered at the Southern Wake Campus to kick off a brand new year!

Dr. Scott Ralls encouraged our student-athletes to take advantage of all the resources Wake Tech has to offer.

"Being a great student-athlete begins from the moment you arrive on campus," said Dr. Ralls, "nothing will hurt your teammates more than not being able to participate due to ineligibility."

Dr. Ralls concluded, "At Wake Tech, we have a number of resources to help you stay ahead in your classwork."

Associate Vice President of Student Services and Acting Athletic Director, Kevin Brown welcomed more than 200 student-athletes to a brand new academic year.  The goal of the orientation is to give the students more information about support services the college offers to every incoming and current student.

Topics included Advising, Career & Employment Resources, Academic Resources, Financial Aid, and Student Advocacy & Support.  Student Life was also discussed to remind students of the importance of extracurricular activities and how it can make a well-rounded college experience.

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Links for Student-Athletes

Career & Employment Resources
Academic Resources
Student Resources
Student Life