VB: 2019 Season Preview

VB: 2019 Season Preview

Reporter: Coach Harris, thanks for taking the time to talk about your team. Now that the season has officially begun, what are your expectations for this season?

Coach Harris: I love talking about this team. Coach Liz and I have the expectation to win the conference. We know there are tough teams we will have to beat, but we believe we have the right players to accomplish it.

Reporter: Speaking of Coach Liz, you are both new to the coaching staff at Wake Tech. How has the transition gone so far?

Coach Harris: We are having a great time. The team is really fun to be around. We are on the same page with training and where we want to go with them. The staff here is really helpful and has made the transition pretty easy.

Reporter: Going back to expectations, you finished tied for fifth in the conference last year and Catawba and Surry went a combined 25-1 in the conference. What is it about your team this year that gives you such high expectations?

Coach Harris: First, we believe we have the right players, right coaches, right style, the right attitude, right mentality, and the expectation to accomplish it. We have a great time and the girls work really hard. If we are going to be an exceptional team, we train and believe that we are exceptional. We believe in each other.

Reporter: Looking at your roster, you have a lot of new faces. Tell me a little about them.

Coach Harris: I wish we had the time and space to talk in detail about each of them. Coach Sports did a great job recruiting players before I got here and we were also able to add a few more late in the recruiting season. We added players in each position and they are all capable of starting. We have great depth and everyone is fighting for that starting spot. Since we are limited on space and time for this, maybe we can do a spotlight piece for individual players later?

Reporter: Do your teams have a particular playing style?

Coach Harris: Of course, but sometimes we have to make adjustments based on personnel and because of personnel, we have the opportunity to do most of the things we want. I love having teams that are a pain in the rear to play. What I mean is that we are tough on defense and fight to keep the ball off the floor. On offense, I like to move the ball around and make the other team work hard.

Reporter: It sounds like this could be an exciting team to watch and support. How can the school, students, and community support you?

Coach Harris: Good volleyball is fun and exciting to watch. We will play good volleyball, so if people will come to a game and give us a look, I think they will come back. We are also working on some fund-raising ideas and would love to have some support with those. It would also be great to follow and support our, volleyball and athletics, social media.

Reporter: Thanks again, Coach Harris. We look forward to seeing you guys play and hope that you and the team exceed all expectations.

Coach Harris: Thank you and me as well. We are working hard to make it happen.